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Vet Checked and Ready

We have some verrrry healthy pups over here you guys! They just got their vet examination yesterday, and all checked out healthy! ✅

I have posted below, pics of our adorable available pups! They are ready to go home today, and we cannot wait for them to all meat their new families ❤️

You can take home a: sweet cream girl, two cream males, or our tiniest of the litter, a brindle male. They are all affectionate pups, love to snuggle, cuddle, and socialize!

Jewel. Available cream girl our of Sushi and Churro!

Slate- available cream male out of Sushi and Churro

Jasper- available cream male out of Sushi and Churro

Coal- available brindle male out of Sushi and Churro


Want to reserve a pup from Frenchie empire? Check out our FAQ page for starters! Contact us through email, phone, or through our social media!

Call or text (970) 239-8717

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