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It is my honor to introduce you all to Mr. Cocomelon! He is a stunning, cream male, son of our cute boy, Churro!

This is Cocomelon‘s daddy, Churro! He is short and compact, has itty bitty ears, and the smoothest creamy colored coat! This boy is. STUD.

That. FACE 😍

Enough wrinkles for all!!

Coco will be ready to go home in just a few weeks! He is looking for someone who will love and cherish him like we do! He might just be the Frenchie pup of your dreams…

Follow us on instagram and Facebook for tons of pics and videos of this guy, and his siblings!

Do you want to Reserve Cocomelon?!

Call or text (970) 239-8717

We are located in middle TN, but offer personal delivery to your nearest airport if you live out of state!

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