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A few quick shots of our cream babies from Lilly and Churro reaching the four week mark! They are entering the stage of curiosity, spunk, playfulness, and let’s just say they are finding their voice! We have three males, and ONE female available from this litter.

Lemon, Cocomelon, Kiwi, and Huckleberry are all little cream balls of Frenchie happiness. They are growing very well, and are learning to love the world, and people around them! They already are showing signs of that typical Frenchie adoring trait, where they cannot stand to be anywhere but right by you! All their personalities are just budding, but we are already able to make some distinctions!

Make your pick today! You need one of these special pups in your life, and we want to make the process simple and carefree for you! Give us a call, send us an email, dm us on social!


Call or text (970) 239-8717

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