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Hey There!

Welcome to Frenchie Empire! We are constantly being asked how we started breeding, how we do things around here, and who are we anyway?! If any of these questions have crossed your mind, read below and get to know us and the wonderful dogs we breed. 

All About Us

So what's going on here at Frenchie Empire? Why all the dogs, the puppies, the breeding? Are we crazy? 

No, we just absolutely adore the French Bulldog breed. These dogs are one of a kind. Silly, dorky, funny, but also loving and very, very cool. They're the perfect pet for just about any family (as a family, we certainly think so!) and especially for those who live in the city and aren't able to take their dog on a five mile hike every day (who has time for that?). 

We first got into breeding Frenchies in 2018. We have a lot of kiddos in our family, and while not a kid anymore, I am the oldest of all the "kids" in our family. (If you reach out to us, you will likely be hearing from either me or my mom!) My parents started this breeding program as a way for us kids get a great work ethic and earn some money from home. I am eternally grateful to them for seizing that opportunity back in 2018, as while we started out small, breeding these quirky little dogs has become a program that our whole family works on together full time. It's great for us a family - and great for the puppies as well.



Well first, while I am the oldest in the family, my youngest siblings are not into their teens yet and do the majority of the hands on work with our dogs and puppies. This means that our (your?) puppies are being handled, petted, loved on (in other words, socialized!) by kiddos each and every day. This is part of what makes our breeding program so unique. Our puppies are raised for families by a family. The pups aren't hidden away where they never see the light of day for eight weeks. The puppies live in our loud, fun, bustling house and are used to lots of different noises, textures, environments, people, and animals when they go home. They will have been taken on car rides, played with outside, given baths, and gone through what they seem to think is the worst experience of their lives - getting their nails trimmed! By the time our puppies go home, they will be used to being held, handled, and petted (and they'll love it!) and this will help them make the smoothest transition possible into their new home. 

Don't worry, the older members of the household work from home and are constantly watching over to make sure everything is being done properly and each and every need is being taken care of! In addition, we handle website design, social media, emailing, calling, vet appointments, breeding, delivering, etc. for our whole program.


So really, the family is perfectly designed for what we do. The kids get a great work ethic and get earn some money on the side. As the adults, we get to work from home, and for ourselves, which is everyone's dream, isn't it? And our dogs get tons of hands on time, socialization, and attention from the moment they enter this world to the moment they go home.  

Before all the actual work starts, however, there is the other side of breeding, which must begin before a single puppy is born. This involves picking out the perfect Frenchies to add to our program and breed to each other. Our TOP priority is health, structure, and good lineage. This is why when we first began breeding, we mainly bred standard red fawn Frenchies instead of the fad rare colored puppies. We knew we could get more money for the rare colored dogs, but we also knew that the majority of rare colored Frenchies were only being bred for color and not for health, and therefore were not up to the Frenchie Empire standard. So we stuck with the traditional red fawn coloring, and picked out the healthiest, best structured Frenchies we could find to add to our program. We always check pedigrees and lineage. We're looking for short, stocky, compact for Frenchies, not lanky and thin. While Frenchies are a breed prone to health issues, this is even more reason in our eyes to only breed the healthiest French Bulldogs we can find in order to improve the breed. Our Frenchies have minimal to none of the health concerns you usually see in French Bulldogs such as allergies, luxating patellas, ear infections, cherry eyes, difficulty breathing, etc. (This of course does not guarantee that one of our puppies will never develop one of these issues, but the risk is greatly diminished!)  

Once our program was established and we knew we wanted to continue breeding these amazing dogs, we really did want to add rare colored Frenchies to our program. The colors are so unique and beautiful, and we were obsessed! So we started doing our research again. We could not find any adults that held up to our breeding standards, so the rare colored puppies you see on our website were added to our program as puppies! This was ultimately the only way we could be sure our Frenchies came from the lines we wanted. It's a long, slow process that requires time and patience, but each time we have a new litter of beautiful, healthy, well-structured puppies, every minute of that becomes worth it. 

We now have an amazing program that we are proud of. Our dogs are from famous Frenchie lines such as Cobra, Molokai, Swae, Whiskey, Cartier, McDull, Pablito, and Firefield. We know that all the hard work, money, time, and effort that we put into these Frenchies is worth it and we think our productions speak for themselves. Do you? 

Hope you enjoyed reading about our program and our family! Feel free to reach out to us with any more questions you might have!

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