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Sushi and Churro

Sushi is direct daughter of Bully on Duty’s King Cobra, a tiny 16 pound stud with a huge head and short back. Sushi is built so much like her dad with a big teddy bear face and darling expression, with a short, thick and compact body. She gets so many compliments and stares everywhere she goes because she is SO CUTE. If you love a tiny yet perfectly built frenchie, Sushi is your girl.

Meanwhile, Churro, descended from those famous Chinese cream frenchie lines that everyone loves and can’t get enough of, is our import from the famous Lilac Berry Bulldogs in Spain. He is son of Cartier, and full brother to El Mirrey, another famous working stud currently in Canada. What makes him so special? He has nice thick bone, a HUGE wrinkly head, short chunky back and body, perfect ears, and has a to die for temperament- he’s as cuddly as can be.

Pairing to such perfectly chunky frenchies is a dream come true for us, and these are the thickest, yet smallest, pups we’ve ever had. If you want a pet that turns heads everywhere he goes, as sweet and mellow and adorable as can be, these are perfect pups for you. If you are a breeder, then the background behind both parents is absolutely incredible, out of this world. Marrying Cobra lines with Chinese cream lines is a dream we’ve had for some time, and not something that we’ve seen anyone else do before. We are absolutely thrilled to have produced this gorgeous litter.

(Three cream babies, two female, one male)

(Sweet brindle boy, just like his mamma!)

(Blessed chunky fawn female, we try to make her share the milk with her siblings, but it is difficult!)

Find us on social media @frenchieempire for tons of pics and video!

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