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This Is Leo

I would like to introduce you all to this incredible boy, Leo. He’s really something.

He is a touch more playful and outgoing than his brother, and he especially thrives on human interaction. Lock him away for an hour? Leo will be in a little puddle of depression! But take him out to play? You are now his best friend.

Best friend. That’s something this little golden-hearted breed is to all of us. These dogs are so small, but somehow manage to make a huge imprint on our hearts! The way their little eyes look into yours, and give you that immediate impulse to give them a good “pet” or call them up into your lap, well, it‘s simply magical! Thats it, magical.

“Hey, I was eating dinner! I didn’t want to pet you right now! Now stop begging, and go off and play,” you say. But too late for you! Because once you see those big Yoda ears, that questioning tilt of the head, and that wagging tail (or entire rear end most times), my friend, all your previous resisting faculties are of zero use to you now! You sigh, because what else can you do? You resignedly give that pup a treat from YOUR meal you were so certain you would not let him have any of just one minute ago, and you welcome him up into YOUR lap, or grant whatever it is that he wants. Because that’s just the way these things go.

These little dogs make anyone feel needed, and it’s so nice to feel needed!! That’s why we welcome them with open arms, and grant our houses at their disposal. It’s just the proper trade, don’t you think??

Leo is the epitome of the above description. I will admit, some discipline may be in need, just so he doesn’t completely* take over your home.

He’s a smart, endearing, and I will tell you now, If you make the commitment to love and cherish him forever, he will pay you back 100 fold with puppy kisses, snuggles, tail (bum) wags, and so, so much more! Give us a follow on Instagram where we post everyday content of this little guy!!!

Will Leo’s new home be yours? You can make it so, by contacting us through instagram, emailing us below through this website, or just giving us a good old fashioned call!

Just buy the puppy. There. The best advice you will ever receive. I just gave it to you.

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