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Finding a new home for our girl

Giannina is standard red fawn French Bulldog, but there is nothing standard about her. Her look and demeanor are absolutely majestic. She exudes quality and charm. Giannina is as sweet and cuddly as can be, but every now and then her playful side explodes and she runs around the house like crazy, playing with the other humans and dogs. She is just so absolutely fun and funny! Her coat is a deep dark red, and is absolutely gorgeous in person. ​

Giannina is a daughter of one of the most decorated Frenchie champions in the world, one that just about everyone in the Frenchie community knows, Renuear Dorian Red "Buff" from Orange Frenchies in Croatia.

We are finding Gianina a new home for reasons completely unrelated to her health. Gianina has never had a litter. We have bred her several times and she has never successfully conceived. Gianina is almost three, and is very much healthy and has lots of energy and fun in her. She is a beautiful dog, and we all love her and are pretty sad that we might never get to see her puppies. She will be thoroughly vet checked to make sure she is healthy before leaving our hands.

Be sure to contact us soon if you are interested in Gianina!

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