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why frenchie empire?

French Bulldogs are the most amazing breed, and we consider ourselves privileged to get to be a part bringing these goofy, loving, stubborn, incredible dogs into the world. We don't just breed for color - structure and health are our first priority. Our Frenchies come from heavily researched top quality genetics and our family of nine raises them right here in our own home in beautiful Tennessee. Our pups and dogs are loved on by our whole family every single day. This is part of what makes our program so special - your puppy will go home with a love for people and attention already carefully built in.

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frequently asked questions about the french bulldog

what is a frenchie's personality like?

Frenchies are known for being goofy, silly, stubborn, and lazy. They're incredibly affectionate and LOVE being around their family, soaking up all the belly scratches and attention. These goofy little guys snore, get "the zoomies," are couch potatoes, and love to ignore your commands and do their own thing. 

is a frenchie a good pet for everyone?

French Bulldogs are a great pet for nearly everybody. However, they don't do well in intense heat or with very physical activities. If you're very active and looking for a dog to hike or run with you, a Frenchie is probably not going to do the job. However, they do love to play and do great with short activities in the backyard and long walks, provided it's not a hot day. They're the ideal suburban/city pet.

should i purchase a male or a female Frenchie?

Chosing a male or female really depends on your personal preference. They both make great pets! Males tend to be a little more chill in general, while females can be fun and feisty! If you already own a dog, we generally recommend choosing a puppy of the opposite gender. Males and females always get along great with each other!

What are the health issues associated with French bulldogs?

There are a variety of health concerns involved with the French Bulldog. They're prone to heat stroke, respiratory problems, eye issues, skin issues, ear infections, and occasionally hip and elbow dysplasia. If you are interested in owning a Frenchie, you probably already know this! We only breed the healthiest Frenchies in order to prevent as many of these issues as we can, but it is certainly part of being a Frenchie owner. 

Do frenchies get along with children?

French Bulldogs are generally great with kids! They are very affectionate and playful, and despite being a toy breed, are solidly built, and therefore hold up well to occasional rough play, which makes them a great breed for a household with younger children. In addition to this natural bent, we are a family of nine, and the puppies get ton of handling by kiddos every day, so our pups go home with a love for kids already started. 

how much exercise does a frenchie need?

Frenchies are couch potatoes and don't need nearly as much exercise as, say, a German Shepherd, but they still love daily walks and activity! 30-60 minutes a day is generally considered ideal. Keep in mind that their flat faces make breathing difficult after intense physical activity, so it's best to do short, low-intensity walks or playtimes in the backyard. 

is it easy to train a french bulldog?

Frenchies can be very stubborn dogs. They love to have their way and often appear to not hear our commands - even when they are sitting right next to us! Because of this, training can be more difficult than it might be with a German Shepherd or Golden Retriever. However, with persistence, patience, time, and lots of love, training these lovable dogs certainly can be achieved by anyone! Thankfully, despite their well known stubbornness, they are generally quite easy going and are great at being able to "go with the flow."

what colors do Frenchies come in?

French Bulldogs come in a rainbow of colors! You have your standard red fawn, brindle, pied, cream, and white. Then you move into the rare colors such as blue, black, lilac, platinum, merle, chocolate, and isabella. All of these colors are beautiful on a Frenchie, but be careful that a breeder with rare colored puppies isn't only breeding for color but also for structure and health! 

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