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Wrinkly boy ready to go home THIS Thursday!

Oh my. I don't think we have ever had a litter that was more perfect that MJ and Maistro's. Our family says that with every litter, always making fun of ourselves, because we know that every litter we have with us right now is our favorite. But truly, I can say without a doubt or a bit of joking that we have never had a more stunning litter than these five puppies.

From the very beginning we could see how beautiful the little puppies' heads were, and the gorgeous colors of their coats.

By the time they were three weeks old, we could not believe how wrinkly they were! They had wrinkles on their feet, wrinkles on their heads, wrinkles on their backs, wrinkles on their legs! They were the dearest, sweetest, wrinkliest puppies you ever saw in your life!

The older they got, the more impressed we became. Their heads became more gorgeous, their colors more defined, and the ever-present wrinkles even more wrinkly, if that's even possible.

And besides their looks, they were sweet, cuddly, playful. They loved to be held and they loved to run around. They were the best of litter mates, with constant running, nipping, jumping, and playful fighting, at the end of which they would collapse in a pile and fall asleep.

While we were in love with every puppy in this litter, we had our eyes particularly on three of them. Two of the males and the one female. One of the boys and the girl were snatched up right away, but we have one of these impressive boys still available today! And he is ready to go home THIS Thursday!

Please contact us soon if you are interested in taking this stunning boy into your home with you!

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