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Three Weeks Old

Can you believe that this sweet litter of puppies is already three weeks old? Time just flies when you have little puppies to dote on and hold, and it doesn't seem possible that they have been living in our home and hearts for that long.

Generally, puppies open their eyes after about three weeks. However, our baby girl began opening her eyes when she had been in this world for just one week, and our boy followed shortly after, which is extremely unusual for puppies! Their eyes are now completely open, and they are able to see and follow all that is going on. It's so fun when they are actually conscious to their surroundings, and can react to what's happening in this happy, busy life around them.

Our little babies are also just now trying to use learn to walk. While they haven't quite succeeded at it yet, it is very amusing watch them try and push themselves up on their feet, slowly stand up on their shaky legs, take a step, and plop back down on their bellies. For the most part, the most they can do is wiggle and push themselves around their cage on their back legs.

Probably our favorite thing to do at this point is to hold the puppies. No matter what we do, no matter where we are, we assure you, everything always better with a puppy in your lap. Do reassure you of this fact, we'll just leave you with a few pictures of the little darlings so you can know this for yourself.

Our Boy

Our girl, who can't quite push herself up yet

Tryyying to use those back legs... but it's too slippery. Maybe next time

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