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Puppies Expected!

Have you met MJ yet? Or Kamal? We'll you'd better take the time to meet them now, because you'll want to know the parents of our new litter of puppies.

That's right, puppies! MJ is due to have her sweet litter of puppies with us TODAY, Friday, March 8th. We're so excited to meet the little guys!

MJ is going in for her C-Section today, and will come home with lots of healthy and happy puppies. Because of the small bodies and big heads of French Bulldogs, they cannot give birth naturally. However, having the puppies delivered in a safe, clean, professional environment is sometimes the better option anyway. We love our vet. He is extremely professional and competent, and we trust him completely with our Frenchie pups.

When Mom MJ comes home, she will need lots of rest and care. Thankfully, we love taking care of our Frenchies. MJ will have plenty of food and water, and we will make sure she isn't overwhelmed with too much activity and people visits until she is ready. MJ has had a C-section before, and she recovered very well, so we're certain that with plenty of care, she will bounce right back to her happy, bossy self.

The puppies will also needs lots of care and attention. This is also another department in which we're perfectly happy to oblige. There's nothing we like better than holding and taking care of puppies. We weigh them each at birth, and continue to weigh them as they grow older to make sure they are getting all the nourishment they need. While they are still very young, we will make sure they have lots of Mom time, and we don't overwhelm them with too much holding and attention. We check them every hour or so the first few nights to make sure they are all feeding well, and no one is getting left out or stuck in some place they can't get out of.

As they get older, the puppies will be exposed to more handling, other dogs, and people visits. This ensures that they won't be frightened or overwhelmed by people, animals, or loud noises when they make the transition to their new homes when they are eight weeks old. However, for now, we're content to let them sleep and eat, and just look at the sweet pups. There will be plenty of time for holding as they get older.

We'll just leave you with a few pictures of Kamal and MJ so you can see the color and build of our parents and be assured of the quality of this upcoming litter.

This is Kamal outside just yesterday, enjoying the snow

MJ, our Incredible-BULL Frenchie

Kamal, taking a little break on the kitchen floor

We're pretty sure MJ has the prettiest head of any Frenchie we've ever seen

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