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New Pups, New Homes

As Frenchie breeders, you might say to us, “Oh, how lucky you must be! You get to see, hold, and cuddle all those puppies! And I just have to pick one!“ Well, in a way, I suppose you’re right. But ultimately, it‘s rather more difficult than you may first suppose. YOU get to pick one. And watch it grow, and mature into your own wonderful companion! Never to say adieu, till death do you part. But we, on the other hand, have to say goodbye to every. single. puppy. And THAT’S hard, my friend.

Look at the above photos. Do you know just the basic amount of willpower it takes to send one of those wrinkle babies packing to a new home??! A lot. It’s all we can do to NOT keep every puppy we produce! ”If only we had the room…” we will say. ”If only this puppy would happen to not find a new home, then we might keep it.”

Alas, it is a hard burden to bear, the one of goodbye-ing irresistible Frenchie puppies. Because you have to resist them. And never was there a force or power harder to resist than the one they are attuned to.

These beautiful puppies are the last few productions to have recently found new homes from our stunning pair, Giselle and Baymax (pictured below).

Giselle, the mama

Baymax, the sire

Aren’t they gorgeous?!

And so I will leave you now or ponder. It really is YOU who are the lucky one, because you have that one special pup, who you never have to say goodbye to? She or He is yours forever, and we are jealous of each and every one of you that takes one of our babies for your own!!

Best of wishes to all those amazing Frenchie homes out there, and if you are interested in becoming one yourself, reach out to us either through the email on this website, social media, or by phone!

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