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Lily And Churro

Let’s talk current litters and available pups! For today, I will be showing you our amazing Lily and Churro Litter, which is just two weeks old yesterday!

When we laid eyes on these sweet babies for the first time, our hearts all stopped! They are adorable mini Churro’s and Lilly’s! What is better than a Frenchie newborn pup? Much less 6?! Well we don’t know. So we keep coming back for more ❤️ check out our social media for TONS of vids and pics daily!

We have males and females available in this litter! Can you believe it we are still trying to come up with the perfect names for each one?! We have limited availability, but still room for you to reserve one today!

What will it be? Contact us to take a Frenchie pup into your home. Frenchies give all the love you need on a day to day basis! Do you need a movie watching pal? your pup won’t be far off! Do you want a little, energetic source of fun and laughter in you life? Frenchies comes with that as well!

Find us on social media! @frenchieempire

Fill out the contact form below!! We cannot wait to meet you!

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