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Learning to Walk

Our little Frenchie pups are five weeks old today. Can you believe that? I was so shocked when I sat down to write this post, and realized that they were already that old. They'll be ready to go home in just a fews short weeks, and then what will we do without them?? Until then though, we'll get every last bit of snuggling, and puppy holding, and picture taking, and videotaping that we can.

Do you know what the most adorable thing in the world is? Guess. It's watching a Frenchie puppy learn how to walk. I'm telling you, it's the cutest thing you'll ever see. Sam caught on first. He pushed himself up on his little legs and started slowly teetering around the cage. However, Anastasia has shorter legs than her brother, and it took her a little longer to get it. While Sam was crawling around his pen, exploring and sniffing, Anastasia would be in the corner, trying to wiggle her way toward her brother, whimpering, and feeling very left out.

But at this stage, they have both learned to walk, and are teetering around and exploring whenever you set them down. They still have a hard time on the slippery hardwood, but they're getting the hang of it.

While they are both beautiful pups, the differences between them are very apparent. Sam has a much darker muzzle than Anastasia. He also has a little white spot on his nose which is just adorable. Anastasia is a beautiful color, with lighter fur than Sam.

And their ears are starting to go up too! Two for Anastasia, one for Sam. And they don't stay up all the time either. But they are definitely starting to look more like the French Bulldogs they will grow up to be. Just take a look:

Both our little babies

Three of the four ears are up!

Anastasia's ears are getting there!

Nap time...

See Sam's little white spot?

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Unknown member
Aug 17, 2019

looking for female fawn French bulldog

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