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Finding a new home for our boy

Hugo is our import from De Charm Marchant Kennels, grandson of one of our favorite stud dogs, Parker de Charm Marchant. He definitely takes after his grandfather in chunkiness, wrinkles, and bone! Hugo is literally the sweetest Frenchie you will ever meet. He's the favorite with all of our friends and anyone who meeds him. I cannot stress enough how friendly and happy he is. He literally lives to be with his family, and will never tire of pets or cuddles. He is friendly, cuddly and sweet as can be. He is a big chunky boy, who thinks he is a baby. We just adore everything about our boy Hugo, in looks and personality.

We are finding a new home for Hugo for reasons completely unrelated to his health. We have recently acquired a new stud, and are moving in a different direction with our lines than Hugo would take us. I cannot tell you how sad I am to let him go. He has been my favorite Frenchie from the very beginning. If we had more room in our house, I would absolutely keep him as a pet. As it is, I know he will be happier in a home where he will be the center of attention, and can have every bit of love lavished on him that he deserves.

He is available for full registration if you are interested in breeding him. I can send you photos of his latest, beautiful litter. He will be thoroughly vet checked to make sure he is healthy before leaving our hands.

Be sure to contact us soon if you are interested in Hugo!

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