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Can you Resist the French Bulldog Puppy?

I would like to ask you all today, if you have the willpower within you to resist cuteness such as in the pictures above 👆

All of us have been doing quite well holding out for that perfect puppy! But I want to inform you, that the time for waiting is over, and the time for action has arrived!

Here are a few things you should know:

The French Bulldog, is known for its affectionate and friendly personality. They are social blocks of muscle and stubbornness who thrive on human interaction and enjoy being part of the family. Here are some common personality traits!

1. Frenchies are such playful dogs! They enjoy games and toys. They love to run around and about the house, and they have a great sense of humor! (Essential in any long term companion!)

2. Frenchies are extremely affectionate. Their one most perfect goal in life is to be around their owners 24/7. They crave physical contact, such as cuddles and belly rubs, and they make the perfect lap dogs.

3. Frenchies are famous for their stubbornness! We all know it. This can at certainly make training a bit more of a challenge, depending on the dog, of course! However, with patience and positive reinforcement, tons of love, treats, and toys, they can be trained to follow commands and become wonderfully behaved dogs!

4. Frenchies have a curious nature and thoroughly enjoy exploring their surroundings! They are everyone’s best friend at the park, in the grocery store, r wherever you may go with your new little one!

4. Frenchies are known for their relaxed and laid-back temperament. They don’t require an excessive amount of exercise, and are generally completely content to spend most of their time lounging around with you!

All in all, wherever you go, your Frenchie pup will want to go with you. It will take a lot of determination on your part to try and resist the pup once he has made it clear what he wants! French Bulldogs will completely win you over, like they have so many people! Their irresistible, loving personalities make them so unique and special!

Do you have questions about the Frenchie temperament? We are available all throughout the week for a phone call, email, or message!

Text or call us: (970) 239-8717

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