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Blue Boys Available

Long time no blog, fellow Frenchie fans!! Well, we are sorry for the lack of presence on this blog! Times are busy as usual, here at Frenchie Empire!

We wanted to give you an update on availability! Our stunner mamma, Nori (Direct Cobra daughter!!) gave birth to the most beautiful litter of french puppies! We had a wonderful collection of colors, males AND females! What could be better, right?!

Well, one thing could be better. And that is if one of Nori’s darling babies, was your very own! Wonderful news!! We have TWO solid blue BOYS available for reservation! Ready to go home now, and they are turning out to be just as spunky, stubborn, sweet, and endearing as their mamma! Just how we like it.

BLUE BOYS AVAILABLE! You heard it! So now, do what you’ve always wanted to do, and bring home that French bulldog you‘ve always wanted to own. He will be yours, and only yours, forever!


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